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Here you will find out the mysteries about aliens and (LOL) ... do they actually exist or what?? Along with that, there will be LOADS of humour and jokes on aliens, so keep a watch out and regularly check out our page!

Also, people, you can't really edit certain pages (some of them you can) of our wiki. Edit, comment, read and enjoy!!!

Alien Clips & Amazing Facts!!!

Alien Clips & Amazing Facts!!!


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HitVagJew323s are crazy alien fans! (Woohoo!) But listen to this carefully....... we r normal.....we go to school......we have friends..... We regularly update our website on alien news, and our frequent encounters with aliens! Scared you guys? If we did, we are joking about having the encounters with the aliens part, however there will be numerous flashes on our alien stories so be on the look-out! We can also be found on Tumblr , Twitter & Cheez Burger ! And please do leave comments on our pages, so as to, we will know your opinions! Rock on!

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